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How are you really?


Therapeutic approach 

There are many reasons that may lead a person to seek therapy. None of us go through life unaffected by its many complexities. This is no weakness: it's part of being human. Life often has a way of making us feel alone, misunderstood, or strange. Situations arise that make us feel unloved, empty, disconnected, or isolated. This can be changed. I work collaboratively, and come from a place of deep respect and empathy. My goal is that each person feels safe, seen, and heard.

My therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic, emotion-focused, with cognitive-behavioral elements. I tailor the therapy to the person's individual needs, as everyone's personal history is unique. Generally speaking, I practice talk therapy -- listening with a "third ear" without judgment, to uncover patterns, stories, feelings that are perhaps unconscious, or dormant. I'm a believer that our past shapes who we are, and that the quality of our relationships is central to our wellbeing. While I listen to present concerns and issues that bring one to therapy, I also pay great attention to relational dynamics and relational needs, important figures in a person's life, inner conflicts, past experiences, and the person's coping mechanisms. 

The 'symptoms' that often bring a person to psychotherapy are usually the mind and body's messages that *something* is requiring our attention. I approach these problems with curiosity and compassion for the individual, and remain attuned to your personal goals throughout this journey.

Training & Education

  • Dual Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (EdM, MA) from Columbia University;

  • Advanced Graduate Certificate in Sexuality, Women, and Gender from Teachers College, Columbia University (the first New York State approved certificate program of its kind);

  • Training in Complicated Grief (also known as Prolonged Grief) Therapy from Columbia University School of Social Work;

  • Certificate in Perinatal Grief & Loss, Perinatal Anxiety & Mood Disorders from Seleni Institute in New York;

  • Candidate at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research in New York [in progress].

Psychotherapy office nyc
Hudson NY

Living well is a skill that can be learned in therapy.

Everyone can benefit from therapy.

No one is immune to the various tides and waves of life. 

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